Disorders of Voluntary Muscle

Disorders of Voluntary Muscle

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The seventh edition of Disorders of Voluntary Muscle has been rewritten and redesigned with the needs of the clinician and clinical scientist in mind. It contains up-to-date information on the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases of skeletal muscles, including the mitochondrial myopathies, ion channel disorders, muscular dystrophies and dysimmune myopathies. It covers the many recently identified diseases of muscle, and emphasises the progress that has been made in diagnosis and treatment. As background to the clinical coverage, the new edition also has chapters summarizing advances in molecular and developmental biology, immunopathology, mitochondrial biology, ion-channel dynamics, cell membrane and signal transduction science, and imaging technology. Combining essential new knowledge with the fundamentals of history taking and clinical examination, this extensively illustrated book will continue to be the mainstay for practising physicians and biomedical scientists concerned with muscle disease.Harris, A. J. (1981). Embryonic growth and innervation of rat skeletal muscles. 1. Neural regulation of muscle fibre numbers. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Land. ... Wiring diagrams - regulatory circuits and the control of skeletal myogenesis. Curr. Opin.

Title:Disorders of Voluntary Muscle
Author:George Karpati, David Hilton-Jones, Robert C. Griggs
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2001-07-12


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