DNA Technology

DNA Technology

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DNA Technology, Second Edition, is a survey of biotechnology written to enlighten readers about the breakthroughs made possible by the science and technologies associated with current DNA research. Ed Alcamo gives the educated layperson a survey of DNA by presenting a brief history of genetics, a clear outline of techniques that are in use, and indications of breakthroughs in cloning and other DNA advances. Appropriate for a wide range of courses for non-biology majors, including a A’DNA for Lawyers course or allied health and nursing courses. * An introductory treatment of aspects of DNA technology written to enlighten the reader about the breakthroughs made possible by the science and technologies associated with DNA * Emphasizes the practical implications and applications of the new genetic technologies; readers will come away saying, qSo that's what DNA technology is all about!q * Helps students, business people, lawyers, and jurists gain more confidence in their ability to to understand and appreciate DNA technology and human genetics * Persons with genetic diseases will gain a clearer understanding of their afflictions and understand the bases for possible cures * Agriculturists will have insight into the genetic basis for gene-altered plants and animals * The general public will better appreciate the nature and reasons for the Human Genome Project now in progress... ce cells Multiplying cells FIGURE 11.10 The cloning process that led to Dolly, the first cloned mammal, (a) A Finn Dorset donor ewe contributes a mammary gland cell, ... A single cell has been cloned to an adult mammal. only thirteen pregnancies, and only one pregnancy resulted in a live birth. ... Did something in the egg cell reverse the damage associated with aging, or would Dolly age prematurely?

Title:DNA Technology
Author:I. Edward Alcamo
Publisher:Gulf Professional Publishing - 2001


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