Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

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Why do jellies wobble? Why don't the oceans overflow? Why do racing cars have fat tyres? How do widgets in beer cans work? How many bones does a giraffe have in that long neck? I've been told that dogs only see in black and white. Is that true? How do we know that no two snow crystals are the same? Why is the earth round? And how do we know it is? why do camels have such bad breath? What is a bruise? Are chemicals in my brain responsible for my falling in love? Will they fade as I grow older? How long can love last? Do Cats Have Belly Buttons? is a follow-up to the successful Can Cows Walk Down Stairs?. Answering life's big questions, as well as the small, it unravels the science behind those things we take for granted, and explains just why the world and its contents are as they are. Informative, entertaining, humorous, it is the perfect present for quizaholics, science addicts, the insatiably questioning, and anyone curious about life on earth.The midge (Culicoides Impunctatus) is commonly found in Scotland, but exists in many other parts of the world a€“ they are called sandfliesin Australia. ... Why do snails and slugs produce a slimy mucus andhowdo theydo it? The real questionanbsp;...

Title:Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?
Author:Paul Heiney
Publisher:The History Press - 2011-10-24


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