Do Over

Do Over

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It took me sixteen years to write this book. That breaks down to a brisk twelve words per day. But it wasna€™t the writing that took so long. . . . It was the working. I had to work at big companies and small companies. I had to get hired and fired several times. I had to find my dream job, then walk away from it. But after all that, I can now say the following with absolute certainty: You already have everything you need for an amazing career. In fact, youa€™ve had it since day one. Starting on the first day you got paid to scoop ice cream or restock shelves, youa€™ve had the chance to develop the four elements all great careers have in common: relationships, skills, character, and hustle. You already have each of those, to one degree or another. Now ita€™s time to amplify them and apply them in a new way, creating a Career Savings Accounta„c. This unique approach will give you the power to call a Do Overa€”whether youa€™re twenty-two, forty-two, or sixty-two. Youa€™ll have the resources to reinvent your work and get unstuck. Youa€™ll even rescue your Mondays as you discover how to work toward the job youa€™ve always wanted! Just as a bank account protects you during a financial crunch, a Career Savings Accounta„c protects you during a career crunch. You need a CSA because youa€™ll eventually face at least one of these major transitions: a€c You will hit a Career Ceiling and get stuck, requiring sharp skills to free yourself. a€c You will experience a Career Bump and unexpectedly lose your job, requiring strong relationships to survive. a€c You will make a Career Jump to a new role, requiring solid character to push through uncertainty and chaos. a€c You will get a surprise Career Opportunity, requiring dedicated hustle to take advantage of it. It took me sixteen years to figure out how to call a Do Over on my career. Please dona€™t wait sixteen more seconds before starting yours.The Hardest Competition Youa#39;ll Ever Face Ia#39;ve never played in the NFL. That might surprise you, since most ... Talk about a Do Over, imagine the career youa#39;ve been working your entire life toward, from Peewee football to college, is over after anbsp;...

Title:Do Over
Author:Jon Acuff
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-04-07


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