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DoCoMo is the first dramatic success of the wireless age. Ahead of the West in technology, financials and market strength, DoCoMo is now bringing i-mode to Europe and North America. Will DoCoMo's mobile Internet (and the commerce it carries) dominate our business lives the way that Sony dominates our media rooms and Toyota our highways? DoCoMo's worldwide impact is compelling. But even greater drama is hidden inside. The real story is how DoCoMo created world-beating innovation inside a famously conservative parent, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph. Both DoCoMo's success and its innovation come from a surprising source. Talented employees, extraordinary leaders, eager customers . . . all mattered. But behind all these was an almost magical conglomeration of six factors not found in traditional case studies: Love and Strength, Impatience and Inequality, Fun and even Luck. These factors - feelings, really - drive DoCoMo's success.In a psychological paradox truly worthy of the Japanese, DoCoMoa#39;s buyers spent money to make their phones stand out so that they themselves would fit in. ... With i-mode, the blend was the practical value of a concierge and productive e-mail; fashion accessories, ringtones, and ... Even the jaded, high-mileage flyer appreciates hearing someone official send up those FAA-mandated warnings: aquot; And foranbsp;...

Author:John C. Beck, Mitchell Wade
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2003


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