Does God Listen to Rap?

Does God Listen to Rap?

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A lot of people think that if there is one style of music in the world that God hates, it has got to be rap. Some have even gone so far as to call rap, a€œAn unclean thing before the Lord.a€ They dona€™t believe something originally associated with so much evil can ever be redeemed for Goda€™s glory. Lots of other people love and accept rap as their preferred form of musical expression. Many of these who are Christians cana€™t imagine why God would have any issues with rap a€“ at least, not with songs by believers that encourage and edify them in the faith. Whoa€™s right? And maybe more importantly, who cares? You should. And herea€™s why. In the past 30 years, rap music has become a vital artistic and cultural force globally, and ita€™s showing no signs of slowing down. Like it or not, you are probably exposed to rap in one form or another on a fairly regular basis. If youa€™re interested in this book you may be a believer in Jesus who likes rap a lot, and as Christians, when we love something that is (if you hadna€™t noticed) closely associated with sin and rebellion, our justification for being involved with it really does need to go beyond, a€œDude, this is good stuff.a€ But maybe youa€™re in a different category. Maybe youa€™re a Christian parent, concerned that rap music may have a negative impact on your child. Maybe youa€™re a youth pastor worried about having a rap concert at his church because of the potential pushback. Or maybe youa€™re just a rap fan who is curious to see if therea€™s even any biblical evidence for or against rap. To put it simply, if youa€™ve made it this far, this book is probably for you. Does God Listen to Rap? covers two areas. First, it presents a sociological history of the emergence and development of rap. If you enjoy rap and hip hop culture, youa€™ll love this part of the book. Then the book explores the Scriptures to bring some biblical (not just personal or anecdotal) resolution to the question of God and rap. Ultimately, this involves a set of larger questions involving God and the arts. This is more than just an apologetic for rap music, this is a biblical way to think about how Christians can be in the world yet not of the world, and how they can express themselves to the glory of God. So, does God listen to rap? Come find out.He had been doing his homework and managed to find great dance records that no one elsewas playing. He started playingamuch ... So he figured that if he could find a way to make thosebreak beats longer, the dance parties wouldgo wild.

Title:Does God Listen to Rap?
Author:Curtis Allen
Publisher:Cruciform Press - 2013-11-01


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