Dog Bites with Steve Brooks

Dog Bites with Steve Brooks

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Steve Brooks is a world-renowned Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), Dog Behavioral expert and talented cook who will show you how to make amazing, healthy human meals for you and your family that you can safely share a€œbitesa€ of with your dog and use as rewards for good behavior. In this book, Steve shares how to cook delicious meals that you can prepare for your family and yes, even share dog bites with your dog! He will also incorporate using food as a training tool. Keep in mind, just because a certain food may not be toxic to dogs, doesna€™t mean ita€™s necessarily safe. As recommended throughout this book, if you have any doubts about feeding your dog human food, always check with your Veterinarian first. As many Steve Brooks K9U clients will attest, Steve practices a training method that uses food as just one of the many real-life training rewards because food is fun! Reward your dog with dog bitesa€b small bites of human food that you cook for yourself and share bites of with your dog. Discover what is safe and unsafe to feed your dog while learning how to modify your favorite meals to share with your pup! Dog Bites will demonstrate how to make homemade, gourmet human recipes that can be modified to share with your K9. While Steve is cooking, he is not only training dogs, he is teaching YOU the owner how to train your dog. This is not about how to cook meals for your dog that you would not want to eat yourself. In fact, Steve will show you how to modify meals that are safe and delicious for K9 consumption. He will also demonstrate the health benefits and dangers of many human foods and show you how to use food correctly to train your dog with lasting results. Discover how to train your dog for life! Steve Brooksa€™ philosophy of a€œdog training for the real worlda€ holds that every dog should know a set of real-life manners using positive reinforcement without the use of threats or force. In this book, he will be sharing over 20 years of invaluable dog training tips that could save your doga€™s life in an emergency; Stevea€™s philosophy that dog training should be a part of everyday life; and most of alla€b that training should be fun for you and your dog! Steve will show you how to use food correctly to remedy a myriad of behavioral problems. Discover how to teach your dog cool tricks that will blow your friends away and even teach your pooch how to become your Sous chef! Steve teaches dogs a plethora of good mannersa€b not only while cooking in the kitchen, but greeting behaviors when your guests arrive for everything from a Thanksgiving dinner to an intimate meal with impeccable table manners while you and your guests enjoy. Steve also shares how to socialize your dog in the real worlda€b including how to take your dog on a walk, to a frienda€™s house, or to a coffee shop and request him into a a€œdown/staya€ position while the waiter walks by with a tray of food or even when someone on a skateboard whizzes by! Dog Bites provides K9 (canine) health tips not to be missed including: digestion tips; what your dog should never eat; how to avoid poisonous foods; feeding tips for puppies, adults, seniors, and over-weight dogs; exercise tips; what to do if your dog is choking; how to minimize their chance of getting bloat and other maladies. You will learn to teach your dog a fool-proof a€œdown/staya€ while preparing a gourmet human meala€beven if you accidentally drop BBQ ribs right in front of your doga€™s nose your dog should stay and your baby backs will not be touched! Steve Brooks is a master at creative, positive, science-based reward training methods with teeerrrific results without the use of force or threats. The goal is to have a healthy, well-behaved doga€bespecially any time they are around food. Leta€™s face it, food is one of many great rewards and food is fun! Try cutting back about 10 percent of your dogs regular dog food and adding a few delicious dog bites during the week for training. Think about ita€b if you were a dog, you would be pretty bummed if all you ever ate your whole life was the same old boring food. Guess what? Your dog does too! So enjoy this book and be sure to note your doga€™s favorite recipes. This book is called Dog Bites because we are using small a€œbitesa€ of food as a reward to train pooches. You will discover how to modify behavior problems; how to get your dog accustomed to other dogs; how to reduce the chance of food guarding and other types of aggressiona€b even how to teach your dog to take food gently right out of the palm of your hand! The key is to build trust with your dog and one way to do this is with lots of love and yes, even food treats! Contrary to popular belief, FOOD can be the best way to build trust and bond with your four-legged friend. Stevea€™s dog changed his life, and he believes yours will too!you choose to feed your dog commercial kibblefor convenience, portion control, or balanced nutrition, you will want to beaware ... An easy, balanced approach thatIrecommend (found intheDog Bites Recipe sectionof this book)istoadd cookedanbsp;...

Title:Dog Bites with Steve Brooks
Author:Steve Brooks
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2015-02-01


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