Dog Days

Dog Days

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It's the Dog Days of August 1948 and all Deputy Sonny Watson is concerned with is beating the heat, that is, until he learns that his lifelong friend Riley Jenkins has been murdered. In a shocking move the Sheriff of Cairo County, South Carolina puts Sonny in charge of the high profile investigation, raising questions about the Sheriff's motives and revealing everyone's complete lack of confidence in the young deputy. Sonny is eager to find his friend's killer but along the way must face some realities about Riley, the Sheriff, the community he loves, and the wife he adores. Riley's death leads Sonny on a chase that touches the community and one of the state's most prominent families. Somewhere along the way Sonny discovers more than he could have imagined and is faced with some tough choices that he's not sure he's ready to make.Summers in the South can be brutal. ... by a humidity that is all but unbearable and only made worse by a phenomenon known as the Dog Days of summer. ... and taps of a fan that was on its last legs. ... one hundred degrees The fan whined its protests and could easily be taken as a sign that things had to change and soon.

Title:Dog Days
Author:D.C. Moody
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2010-08-10


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