Dogs' Miscellany

Dogs' Miscellany

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Dogs' Miscellany features a unique and elegant collection of fascinating facts, trivia, anecdotes and legends about dogs throughout the ages. For example, did you know that 22% of the UK population own a dog? Dogs' Miscellany covers every aspect of the dog: from true stories of famous mutts to their long history, as well as biological and physiological information, curious tales, quotes, details of popular breeds, and much more. Chronicling the various exploits of dogs real and fictional, and sprinkled with sayings and observations from the greatest dog lovers, Dogs' Miscellany explores every age of man's enduring association with his canine companion, and promises to delight dog-lovers everywhere.Some dogs take to swimming like ducks to water. Newfoundlands, Labradors, poodles and Portuguese water dogs for example, can all swim well. Some come equipped for the job: many dogs that are good at swimming have webbed feet.

Title:Dogs' Miscellany
Author:J. A. Wines
Publisher:Michael O'Mara Books - 2013-12-09


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