Doing Good Better

Doing Good Better

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Almost all of us want to make a difference. So we volunteer, donate to charity, recycle or try to cut down our carbon emissions. But rarely do we know how much of a difference we're really making. In a remarkable re-examination of the evidence, Doing Good Better reveals why buying sweatshop-produced goods benefits the poor; why cosmetic surgeons can do more good than charity workers; and why giving to a relief fund is generally not the best way to help after a natural disaster. By examining the charities you give to, the volunteering you do, the goods you buy and the career you pursue, this fascinating and often surprising guide shows how through simple actions you can improve thousands of lives - including your own.10. page 31 the expected harm of raising global temperatures: The amount by which your individual emissions would increase the ... However there are many possible extreme events that could occur as a result of increased climate change, and so the chances of your ... a#39;Power laws in global catastrophic and existential risksa#39;, unpublished paper. page 39 a#39;Black Swansa#39;: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Blackanbsp;...

Title:Doing Good Better
Author:William MacAskill
Publisher:Faber & Faber - 2015-08-04


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