Doing Women's Film History

Doing Women's Film History

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Research into and around women's participation in cinematic history is enjoying a period of dynamic growth. A broadening of scope and interests encompasses not only different kinds of filmmaking--mainstream fiction, experimental, and documentary--but also practices--publicity, journalism, distribution and exhibition--seldom explored in the past. Cutting-edge and inclusive, Doing Women's Film History ventures into topics in the United States and Europe while also moving beyond to explore the influence of women on the cinemas of India, Chile, Turkey, Russia, and Australia. Contributors grapple with historiographic questions that cover film history from the pioneering era to the present day. Yet the writers also address the very mission of practicing scholarship. Essays explore essential issues like identifying women's participation in their cinema cultures, locating previously unconsidered sources of evidence, developing methodologies and analytical concepts to reveal the impact of gender on film production, distribution and reception, and reframing film history to accommodate new questions and approaches. Contributors include: Kay Armatage, Eylem Atakav, Karina Aveyard, Canan Balan, CAccile Chich, Monica Dall'Asta, Eliza Anna Delveroudi, Jane M. Gaines, Christine Gledhill, Julia Knight, Neepa Majumdar, Michele Leigh, Luke McKernan, Debashree Mukherjee, Giuliana Muscio, Katarzyna Paszkiewicz, Rashmi Sawhney, Elizabeth Ramirez Soto, Sarah Street, and Kimberly Tomadjoglou.In this respect, Klonaris and omadakia#39;s work points beyond gender, fusing the cinematic with the theatrically performative, ... survive, unless the lm is publicly projected it does not exist as a work of cinema. e desire to ensure the continuing existence of womena#39;s cinema ... In the era of LoveFilm, Netix, Mubi, Reframe, Jaman, Hulu, and other online lm distributors across the globe, we tend to assume we cananbsp;...

Title:Doing Women's Film History
Author:Julia Knight, Christine Gledhill
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2015-09-16


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