Dolores at Fort Hood, Tijuana and Detroit

Dolores at Fort Hood, Tijuana and Detroit

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An unsung American heroine, Dolores a€“ a nurse in surgery a€“ is betrayed by her own kind: doctors! Th e first one, a gynecologist, keeps her waiting for 3 months before he does a D a C, and by way of a biopsy, finds out she has cervical cancer. At first he is going to do a radical hysterectomy, changes his mind, and dumps her on a radiologist with a non-existent Stage IC diagnosis report. The radiologist, not knowing his Merck Manual too well, convinces her that radiology is as effective as a hysterectomy operation for any Stage I cervical cancer. A year later, the cancer had metastasized. She receives chemotherapy and becomes very religious. The tumors disappear and she believes she is healed. However, three months later her health deteriorates, again. The husband and Dolores meet a lady cured of lung cancer by a strict metabolic diet and Laetrile pills. This happens while he is on a 3 month tour of duty assignment at Fort Hood, Texas as a civilian engineer for the US Army Tank-Automotive Command. On her advice and a talk with the doctor in Mexico they take a chance to cure Dolores with a trip to Clinica Cydel in Tijuana. After a few days of Laetrile treatment, but inability to hold down food, Dolores collapses and she is hospitalized at Dr. Contrerasa€™ Hospital del Mar. She is put on a plane from San Diego to Detroit 3 weeks later, but rapidly breaks down in health. Her last day out, she attends a faithful Christian service conducted by evangelist Nora Lam. Dolores expires 4 months later.We come to a bend in the road that meets the end of the tarmac apron where the aircraft is parked. The whole airplane is lit ... After lunch - another good old Mexican buffet at the West Fort Hood Officers Club, about seven of us drive out to Gray Field in two cars. The C5A is still sitting ... The comptrollers dona#39;t know when the C5A will be in shape to takeoff (when the repairs to engine No. 4 will be finished.)anbsp;...

Title:Dolores at Fort Hood, Tijuana and Detroit
Author:John Jellinek
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-17


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