Dolphin Point

Dolphin Point

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Henry Harold Trevor Mottishaw's fresh writing skills are back again. Mottishaw's Dolphin Point includes some familiar characters from Dead as a Door Nail. Fred, Mable, Karl and Laura are once again on the prowl for the culprit(s) responsible for some mysterious occurrences. Are they accidental, or out-and-out murder? The trail begins in the Mother Lode and winds through the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California Coast, Texas Gulf Coast, and into Mexico. Dave Anderson has everything going for him, a successful tool manufacturing business, a beautiful wife, and three great children, but he feels someone is out to get him. Could it be his guilty conscience? Dolphin Point is filled with mystery, adventure, humor, good food, and some sightseeing thrown in for added flavor.The silver Mercedes convertible pulled up alongside his Toyota. Tommie didna#39;t notice him ... a€œSomeone ottaa#39; take that old fart outaa#39; the picture, a€ he thought, as the little Corolla putted its way through the intersection. aœp aœp aœp aœp Joana#39;s New Yorkanbsp;...

Title:Dolphin Point
Author:Henry Harold Trevor Mottishaw
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-05


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