Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning, and the Mental

Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning, and the Mental

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The analysis of the connection of truth, meaning, and the mental poses a major philosophical challenge--one that Donald Davidson addressed by establishing a unified theory of thought, meaning, action, and evaluation. This volume offers a reappraisal of Davidson's philosophy. Twelve specially written essays by leading philosophers in the field illuminate a range of problems in the philosophy of truth, meaning, and the mental, and engage in particular with ErnieLepore and Kirk Ludwig's interpretation of Davidson's philosophy. The collection affirms Davidson's continuing influence on the study of mind and action, and offers a variety of new perspectives on his work.Our present trouble springs from the fact that in radical interpretation we cannot assume that a Ta€”sentence satisfies the translation criterion. ... As I noted above, we do not have an unequivocal ordinary understanding of the word a€œ interpretation. ... We may find that we have overlooked an important use of the notion of interpretation, and, in the light of this discovery, change our list of holistic cona€” straintsanbsp;...

Title:Donald Davidson on Truth, Meaning, and the Mental
Author:Gerhard Preyer
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2012-09-06


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