Don't be a Dummy

Don't be a Dummy

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a€œDona€™t be a Dummya€ is a primer on automotive safety. It is a€œAuto Safety 101.a€ What every driver or passenger should know because it May Save Your Life; or a loved one. The author uses personal experience and crash dummies to explain the consequences of not following the laws of Physics and not utilizing the safety features that are available to both drivers and passengers of automotive vehicles. The focus of this book is driver-responsibility and the need to educate the public about common hazards and vehicle misuse. Large car versus small car data analysis warns about vehicle incompatibility and the need for purchasers to consider the serious consequences of selecting a vehicle to buy based only on fuel economy and low cost. Federal safety standards are discussed and what the a€œFive (5) Star Rating Systema€ really means. a— The quest for a€œfuel economya€ may risk your familya€™s life or result in serious injury! a— Fuel economy may be false economy! a— The size and weight of your vehicle can mean life or death or serious injury! a— Protect loved ones and save the children. Always use the proper child restraint! a— Speed, Alcohol and Drugs are killers. Dona€™t be a Dummy!Primer on Automotive Safety by an Engineering Expert Witness Arthur W. Hoffmann, Ed.D, P.E.. impact. This is similar to a ... Large fractures require total windshield replacement and this should be done promptly. Advanced Air 16 Dona#39; t be aanbsp;...

Title:Don't be a Dummy
Author:Arthur W. Hoffmann, Ed.D, P.E.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-05-26


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