Don't Bitch, Just Get Rich

Don't Bitch, Just Get Rich

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Seven ordinary people addicted to bitching about their lives and their struggles to make ends meet, enrol in a personal development course that changes their lives. A philosopher-cabbie, a cynical hard-nosed English woman and her estranged husband, a middling salesman and his boss, a cafe manager and a hairdresser find themselves at the mercy of a teacher who refuses to pamper them with their usual empty get rich prattle. Instead Toney Fitzgerald leads his clients through a ruthless self-examination to prepare them to break through the Bitch barrier to reach the richer world beyond. Eventually, each of them has to face the most serious choice of their lives; either they will make the one, unbreakable, lifelong promise that will radically change the directions of their lives or they will remain forever in a state of self-induced inertia. Not all make it. Packed with common sense and insights into human change, Toney Fitzgerald keeps his promise in the book; by the end of the book, you will no longer have an excuse to bitch, instead you will have all the tools to make your life rich- it's now up to you.a#39;Does Andy have any idea how much Bill Gates makes in seven months and 18 days? Dona#39;t answer that, ... If you made as much money as Gates in a day, would seven months and 18 days be written off just like that? ... Not a minute longer.

Title:Don't Bitch, Just Get Rich
Author:Toney Fitzgerald, Terry Walsh
Publisher: - 2006


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