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Jim is a part time archeologist and finds emblems on an old mausoleum in an old part of a cemetery, sees some kind of inscriptions cannot make out the what it is, so he removes one. Jim inadvertly breaks a seal containing an untold evil, and starts to see horrific figures following him, eager to find out what the inscription means Jim does research, and when he does find out its too late.The inscriptions translate qHe who breaks the seal is doomed.q Jim tries to put back the emblem but to no avail, he is doomed and is taken by the evil tnto the mausoleum never to return. At the same time a young man Jason walking the cemetery reading tombstones sees the door of the mausoleum open, and looks in and sees something not meant to be seen by man, now his life is in danger. Until the ones that put the evil in the mausoleum finds out, now its a battle to save him and other mortals from this evil.The detective stays looking at lord DarkWar who towers over his sons a foot taller , he is eight foot tall has an appearance of a ... builder dressed in all black, eyes color black, Blackbeard, black hair to his shoulders, black tattoo marking on his arms, very intimidating. ... a€œThose are the ones, undisturbed, they are powerful, and can hold evil in for all time, removed, and tinkered with, otherwise ... Then lord DarkWar said this in part answered your second question a€œWhat are we doing here?

Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-12-31


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