Don't Cry When I Die...

Don't Cry When I Die...

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We have all, at some point in our lives, wondered what happens after death. Is it really the end of qeverythingq that we strive so hard to achieve throughout our lives? Is it the final full stop? There must be some purpose to our lives. We can't just be born to die for no apparent reason. What about past lives? Is there any truth in all the stories about reincarnation and karma? Is it possible that destiny is not as random as it seems to be? That destiny is, infact, a carefully orchastrated play to work out one's karmic debts. What if our qeveryq action affects, either postively or negatively, our future not just in this life but in the next ones as well? Would you live your life differently if you knew the answers to these questions? This must-read book is an insight into these questions and their answers portrayed beautifully through the eyes of a newly departed soul. A captivating, ethereal sojurn into the realm of eternity that will inspire readers to visualise life and death from a new perspective; where death is just a pause and nothing is ever the end... Visit: Email: this was a big test which the more evolved souls and Spirit Guides suggested to include in our plans as they liked to ... He had to learn humility in this life by going to a rather second-grade school. I had spoilt that plan by bribing the official. So in addition to causing negative karma for myself and ensuring that Ia#39;d have to revisit the lesson of honesty a€“ a test I ... If they dona#39;t learn the lesson the first time, they had to return, and next time the lesson would be just a shade more difficult.

Title:Don't Cry When I Die...
Author:Latika Tripathi
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-01


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