Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old!

Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old!

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An estimated seventy-eight million baby boomers will hit retirement age in the coming decades. Ita€™s an exciting time, but many retirees miscalculate their retirement readiness before leaving their jobs and seeking a more carefree life. In Dona€™t Eat Dog Food When Youa€™re Old! author Roger Roemmicha€”who has more than forty years experience in the field of financea€”presents a big-picture look at what you need to know to plan for your retirement or to better manage the various components of your financial life if you already are retired. In this guide Roemmich first looks at whether you can afford to retire and then discusses retirement planning and financial management. He introduces his unique CAMP score methodologya€”considering cash flow, aging, medical needs, and purchasing powera€”that both provides a basis for quick evaluation of retirement readiness and serves to identify remedies for inadequacies. He also identifies the most important aspects of six key areas and helps show how they factor into having excellent cash flow throughout retirement. You can calculate your retirement readiness accurately if you know the right questions to ask. Roemmicha€™s guidea€”which assumes little or no prior knowledge but a keen interest in doing the right thinga€”helps you move forward carefully and confidently so that you can enjoy financial peace of mind during your golden years.The point of these examples is to show you that retirement is more than just a financial decision, and so you need to go into it with that in mind. However, the finances will impact every other aspect of your retirement life, particularly your senseanbsp;...

Title:Don’t Eat Dog Food When You’re Old!
Author:Roger Roemmich
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-06-07


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