Don't Let Anyone Take Your Joy Away

Don't Let Anyone Take Your Joy Away

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In this personal history of the Negro Leagues, Stanley Glenn gives an intimate and in-depth look at the daily trials and tribulations of a Negro League Baseball player. With wisdom, wit and perspective, Glenn recalls the indignities he and his teammates suffered during the days of Jim Crow, a time when they were denied gas for their vehicles or even a decent place to stay as they went qbarnstormingq around the country, playing against and alongside some of the greatest baseball players of all time. Glenn's story illuminates the strength and determination of black ball players. In spite of the forces against them, they persevered for love of the game. And despite the adversities these men faced, they enjoyed the journey and came away with treasured memories and lifelong friendships. Through his blend of humorous anecdotes, inspiring words of wisdom, and colorful imagery, Mr. Glenn wonderfully conveys the bittersweet paradox that was the Negro League Baseball experience.I dona#39;t think Murdoch knows the difference between a baseball and a football. ... I believe that the Major Leagues had to pay Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos a certain amount of money for him to allow them to build another ballpark within 35 miles of Baltimore. This is another guy who has more money than he knows what to do with already. ... And parking will probably cost you $20 unless you have a superbox. ... Theya#39;ve got so many retail stores in there ita#39;s like a shopping mall.

Title:Don't Let Anyone Take Your Joy Away
Author:Stanley Glenn
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006


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