Don’t Rock My Boat

Don’t Rock My Boat

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You might not be able to change your past, but you can change your future by changing your actions today. In Dona€™t Rock My Boat, author Abiola Olaifa takes you on a journey of self-discovery in order to obtain what you want and need for the future. Dona€™t Rock My Boat helps you interpret lifea€™s important lessons by asking and answering some major questions: Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want? Where are you going? What are your goals in life? Sharing stories, anecdotes, and meaningful quotations, Olaifa illustrates the path to finding peace and contentment in everyday life: a€c Live on your own terms. a€c Look at life as a gift. a€c Make the right choices. a€c Have a positive outlook. a€c Dona€™t give up. a€c Keep moving forward. Dona€™t Rock My Boat shows that with the right knowledge comes a vast reservoir of power that can create tremendous success for you. You need the courage to live the life that is true to yourself and not what others expect of you. Keep digging for lifea€™s little secrets. Life is the best teacher, and it holds the answers to your many questions.The unyielding secret of the bucketand the dipper is thatwhen you fill anothera#39;s bucket it does not take anythingout of your ... donot experience thefun, joy, happiness, fulfillment, andsatisfaction connected with making another personhappy.

Title:Don’t Rock My Boat
Author:Abiola Olaifa
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-01-16


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