Dont Think Like a Man Just Think

Dont Think Like a Man Just Think

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Life is hard, and so is finding the right partner. Sometimes we get in our own way, but that doesna€™t have to stop us from finding someone who is compatible. This book encourages you to utilize essential skills in everyday scenarios, so you can make better choices. The choices that will not only help you improve your love life, but have you feeling better about yourself as a woman. When it comes to a man, we are all created equally but different, some are Mr. Popular or some you deem as just friends, which is the better option? Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen; this will be your cheat code to unlocking your king. Ita€™s time to throw away your trash from your past, and look forward to the man who will be the one and last. Visit me at Your heart may be broken during the storm but it will smile again with the sun- for your future is filled with brighter skies.When you are communicating, you have to use reason. ... timetable because no one can tell you how long you should wait, or when is the right time for you to have sex. Why do I ... I do think making a man wait is more beneficial than harmful.

Title:Dont Think Like a Man Just Think
Author:Armani Darling
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-02-20


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