Door to Atlantis

Door to Atlantis

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Door To Atlantis describes what really happened to us in that Atlantean cataclysmic event which submerged the continent over a period of one day and a night. Many thousands of years ago, a race of extraordinary beings determined the future of mankind, influenced our technologies and changed the direction and the genetic make-up of humanity. Door to Atlantis describes the gods of Atlantis, the Ancient Elder Brothers, Interdimensional Portals of Atlantis, the Mars Atlantis Voyagers and their genetic and technological experiments. The book is an expose of how advanced technologies reshaped the destiny of mankind taking us down through the dimensions. What happened during our transit back up to the Fifth Dimension? It discloses UFO sightings and extaterrestrial encounters. You may or may not be convinced by these startling revelations, but it is the truth that many have been waiting for. Door to Atlantis also addresses spiritual precepts about new dimensions ruled by qthoughtq that we will be moving into an must prepare for by the end of the qcycleq. Door to Atlantis encourages people of this planet to wake up and recognize their legacy of little known expression in mankind today and their multidimensinal spirit.The Mars Atlantis Alliance M. Dianne Goodman-Larson ... He was also our guide on the land hikes down the beach where we visited the most powerful land vortex you can ... He has been visiting there for many years, since 1984 and at some point while he was there, was guided to the ... of a circle, and I couldna#39;t understand why the captain had aligned the boat for this vertical circle of rippling water.

Title:Door to Atlantis
Author:M. Dianne Goodman-Larson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-12


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