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If you're a fan of Stephanie Meyer's The Host, Suzanne Collins, or The Lux novels by Jennifer L. Armentrout then check this book out! Citrus Leahy is having a really bad day. First she's late to school. Then she runs into the girl who drives her nuts because she always calls her Orange instead of her name. To cap it all off, when Citrus finally makes it to class, she sees herself already inside. Wait. What? Citrus Leahy has a doppelganger! It's probably aliens taking over the world and her life has just turned totally upside down. Goodbye, normal. Hello, paranormal! Luckily, her crush Aedan has the exact same problem! ** young adult paranormal romance sci-fi romance science fiction romance love story aliens clones teen girl heroine alien romance doppelgangers evil twin twinsI thought for a moment and entered: pick cheap door lock. The results took seconds. Thank you, internet! Youa#39;re a lifesaver. The first one looked promising. It was a video on YouTube on how to pick a lock with a paperclip or something like it.

Author:Milda Harris
Publisher:Milda Harris - 2014-08-13


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