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The serenity of former police detective Sergeant Travis Blake's early retirement is disrupted when his close friend, Jake Evans, is charged with the murder of his promiscuous young wife, Doreen. Travis is called upon to use his connections within the police department to inquire about the strength of the department's case against his friend. His ensuing investigation resurrects hostile feelings between Travis and the lead detective in Doreen's murder case. Travis' status within the department is changed from a popular alumnus, to a persona non grata. Subsequent threats, and several attempts on Travis' life create a strong suspicion of several of his once, loyal police friends. What is most disconcerting, is that the information Travis is able to uncover during his investigation, consistently points at his friend, Jake Evans. Travis begins to second guess the decision to help his friend, but he feels that he must continue to investigate Doreen's murder, in order to uncover the source of his tormentor. Doreen does not contain super human characters committing improbable feats. There are no psychopathic serial killers, just normal people, confronted with unexpected perils, resulting from one man coming to the aid of a friend.As before, he reached down to touch it, to see if the cat was alive. This time, the body did not move. He touched the tail, then the back leg. He felt the stiffness that only rigor mortis can produce. Travis took a firm hold of the cata#39;s haunches andanbsp;...

Author:Larry Brotherton
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2000-05-01


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