Down in the Woods

Down in the Woods

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Down in the Woods is a fast moving crime thriller with an interesting blend of human struggle, murder and licentiousness. It revolves around the lives of two women from different countries, and at opposite ends of the social spectrum, but it is also the story of the hunt for a serial killer. Lady Felicity Wilkinson is rich, loves horse riding, and wants for nothing, except an affair or two. Her problems begin when she is out riding with her lover, Phillip, and she discovers a dead woman tied to a tree. Not only is she now embroiled in a murder investigation, but the true nature of the man she is having an affair with is exposed. DCI Collins initially suspects Phillip of killing the woman in the woods, and his teamsa€™ search for the truth takes them back in time to when Phillip was at Cambridge University, socialising and womanising with a rather dubious bunch of rugby chums. It was also a time when two nurses went missing from a nearby hospital.Then there is Anna, an illegal immigrant from Latvia, who is having a very hard time living in London with her boyfriend, Anton. When he is deported, her whole world crumbles, leaving Anna at the mercy of a woman she thought was a friend, but has the sole aim of trying to coerce her into prostitution. When another illegal immigrant is killed things start to heat upa€bAnna popped a tablet out of the blister-pack and washed it down with a mouthful of extremely hot tea. a€œHave a seat ... a€œShow it off. Ifyoua#39;ve got it, show it off, a€ she shouted from the hallway. a€œYou could make a living from that body of yours.a€ Angieanbsp;...

Title:Down in the Woods
Author:Gary Philpott
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2011-12-01


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