Dr. Kindbud's Weed-O-Pedia

Dr. Kindbud's Weed-O-Pedia

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Wacky weed wisdom! Keep your mind fresh and informed on one of the largest growing topics. Dona€™t let go of that short-term memory! With conversation starters, such as, a€œName the 5 most influential pot movies, a€ a€œList the 5 top stoner books of all time, a€ and a€œName the 5 best pot strains, a€ Dr. Kindbuda€™s Weed-O-Pedia has more than 400 pages, to entertain and delight people of various ages whether stoned, sober, or lost in between.Plants growing inthe right conditions need much less attention and are far less prone to problems than those out of their element. ... Inhealthy, biologicallyactive soil, plantsgrowup healthy and productive with littlecare. ... Never put carnivoreanbsp;...

Title:Dr. Kindbud's Weed-O-Pedia
Author:Dr. Seymour Kindbud
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-10-02


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