Dr. Underwood's Lose weight, STAY in Shape ebook

Dr. Underwood's Lose weight, STAY in Shape ebook

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TRUTH IS: The more you know how to properly workout, eat, supplement, and the better you are at keeping on track, the faster your changes will take place! Your new healthy body is only 3 months awaya€b If youa€™re moving in the right direction! If not, YOU PROBABLY NEED HELP! How far do you believe any pro athlete would be able to get without proper coaching, mentoring and support? Why is it so many people think they can do it on their own? Much less do it right and make fantastic changes in 6 months or less? And for those of you who have spent time in the gym but created little in the way of positive results, YOU NEED A POSITIVE ACTION PLAN! Most people are using the wrong machines, the wrong weights, eating the wrong things at the wrong times, using the wrong level of intensitya€b WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! RESULTS HAPPEN and they come quickly when all the RIGHT things are done and done together! . Lose Weight STAY in ShapeThis is the 3rd edition and was originally called Lose Weight Get in Shape which was first written in 2008 and revised in 2011. Freshly revised in February of 2015, it is now titled Lose Weight STAY in Shape because more content has been added to directly help readers STAY in shape.Lose Weight STAY in Shape is full of tips, notes, directions, shopping lists, supplementation ideas, menus, calorie calculations, food journal and so much more.Lose Weight STAY in Shape IS NOT an advertising platform for a supplement company!Ita€™s a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point manual written by Dr. Underwood.No fluff, no testimonials, no hearsay! Just 78 pages of simple, straight forward, easy to understand and implement information. Information you can start using RIGHT NOW to get your weight loss journey underway! .Why Weight Training Why is weight training so important? This is a question I have been asked many, many times. Another question I hear quite often is; a€œCan I do some other form of exercise instead of weight training? I would rather do cardioanbsp;...

Title:Dr. Underwood's Lose weight, STAY in Shape ebook
Author:Dr. Underwood
Publisher:Dr. Underwood - 2015-02-15


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