Drama at the Heart of the Secondary School

Drama at the Heart of the Secondary School

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Drama at the Heart of the Secondary School provides a rationale for the curricular centrality of drama together with rich and detailed examples of cross-phase thematic projects which are drama-led, but which promote learning across a wide range of curriculum areas, from the humanities and other arts, to English and literacy, science and PSHE. Each unit explores relevant and stimulating themes and topics that will engage the students, promote empathy, pose questions, and produce creative responses. Starting from relatively simple beginnings, the drama is structured in layers of increasing sophistication and complexity. Each layer adds another dimension to the potential learning opportunities available across a wide range of curriculum areas and suitable for learners of varying experience and ability. A wide range of curriculum areas of enquiry are referenced, and each unit offers unique ways of student learning designed to encourage excellent drama skills as well as embracing the a€˜learning to learna€™, Citizenship and PSHE agendas that are fundamental to good teaching and learning. Features include: Lists of dramatic techniques and keywords Cross curricular connections and ideas highlighted in the text Opportunities to address RSA a€˜Opening Mindsa€™ competencies and PLT skills Examples of curriculum models suitable for thematic work An outline of the principles of assessment for each unit This accessible and practical textbook is essential for trainee and practising teachers interested in using drama to facilitate thematic, cross-curricular work in the classroom.2 Wigan LEA, which, during the 1970s and 1980s, promotedan innovative entitlement curriculum model based onareas of experience rather than subjects. 3 In 1904 the(English) Governmenta#39;s Board of Education publishedthe first of its annual Regulations forSecondary Schools, ... geography, history, a foreign language, mathematics, science, drawing, manual work, physical training, and, for girls, housewifery. ... (1995); Nolan andFrancis(1992), citedin Mims(2003). 13Marra(2010).

Title:Drama at the Heart of the Secondary School
Author:John Rainer, Martin Lewis
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-03-12


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