Dreams Deferred

Dreams Deferred

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A volume in Research for Social Justice: Personal Passionate Participatory Inquiry (Sponsored by AERA Qualitative Research SIG and International Studies SIG) Series Editors Ming Fang He, Georgia Southern University and JoAnn Phillion, Purdue University Mission Statement and Scope: In Dreams Deferred, a follow-up to Of Borders and Dreams (1996), Chris Carger takes us further into the life of Alejandro Juarez, Jr., and his family. This work envelopes readers in qla vida real, q real life. Carger followed Alejandro for thirteen years, as he moved from school to school, experienced difficult relationships with his peers, dropped out of high school, struggled with employment and an early marriage. The compelling story of Alejandro's parents obtaining U. S. citizenship parallels the border crossing story of Carger's first book and illuminates triumphs and tragedies the family, and many other immigrants, experience as they negotiate life in the United States, and as they, all too often, have to forsake their hopes and dreams. There are no easy answers, nor happy endings, to the story of Alejandro and his family. Unlike many studies on dropping out, Alejandro, his family, and his community are viewed from a positive perspective versus deficit, qat risk, q models in dropout research. The book fits into a newly evolving, increasingly important, research paradigm that focuses on students' experience in the context of families, communities, and schools, and deals with issues of language, culture, and power related to multiculturalism and social justice. This book informs pre-service and in-service teachers, educational researchers, administrators, educational policy makers, and those who advocate for people are marginalized because of cultural, linguistic issues and learning challenges. It is a timely reflection on a problem that is at the intersection of this nation's immigration controversies and dropout crisis. Series Scope: Research for Social Justice: Personal Passionate Participatory Inquiry, the book series, demonstrates a form of educational inquiry that connects the personal with the political, the theoretical with the practical, and research with social and educational change. The principle aspect of this form of inquiry that distinguishes it from others is that the researcher is not separate from the socio-political and cultural phenomena of the inquiry, the data collected, findings, interpretations, or writing. The purpose of the proposed book series is to draw together work which demonstrates three distinct qualities: personal passionate participatory with explicit research agendas that focus on equity, equality, and social justice, specific research methodologies that illustrate the participatory process of the inquiries, and positive social and educational change engendered by the inquiries.In fact, such an endeavor would require a structure longer than the Great Wall of China (aquot;U.S.-Canada border, aquot; 2006). ... And please, make sure that only English falls upon her copper-clad ears. ... Congress did not have to appropriate money to build it. It is an ... Though traversed by many, it has effectively kept itsjourneyers out of mainstream American life and many of its typical benefits for generations.

Title:Dreams Deferred
Author:Chris Liska Carger
Publisher:IAP - 2009


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