Dreamtime: Ice Tower

Dreamtime: Ice Tower

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Rhys Morgan and Jack Dawson are the last two boys on the school bus. It's the same everyday. But today will be different. Coming down the hill towards Wellthorpe, through a heavy snow laden day, the bus careers out of control and crashes. Into a river and a different world. A world where crows talk. The world of the Icetower and its dark owner. A world where Rhys and Jack must find the strength to be heroes. In Dreamtime, you have to look before you leap. So, do you dare step over the Threshold?But if you make a choice, therea#39;s a chance you can escape at last. ... The snake lay writhing on theicy ground beside theother object. It looked ... The snakewas grey, a dark zigzagline running down its back from the V behind its eyes. ... Around him, theworld ofthe Icetower startedto melt, while the snake wrapped itself around him and became a rope a€“a rope stretching straight up towards the golden glow.

Title:Dreamtime: Ice Tower
Author:Christopher Evans
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-29


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