DreamWeaver Storybook

DreamWeaver Storybook

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Glimpses of the past; many times those flashbacks of yesteryear will spin threads of wishful contemplation for our tomorrows. Some images of the past we want to forget, while most of them we treasure in our memories. Those memories are foundations for launching the dreams which can carry us onward toward a great destiny. DreamWeaver Storybook is a collection of true-life short stories from various facets of life from humor to the unexplained. Little cowboys, dinosaurs, guardian angels, the hereafter, animals, heroes, ghosts, life and death, lost at sea, UFOs, and dreams coming true are but a few of the story topics from life contained within this book. All of them being true will grasp the mind for wanting more tales of yesteryear, for lacing the present with better dreams of tomorrow. Embedded within every story are valuable principles needed for traveling this pathway called life. Even though some of stories contain humor and oddities of reality, ethics surprisingly shine through within the flow of story lines. Journey with the author through the many stories within this book, and discover that its pages can lift the spirit for a brighter tomorrow. Between the covers of this book, its stories will transport readers to perhaps the farthest reaches of their dreams for improving life and accomplishing their destinies.The resulting tsunami devastated many areas of Japan. The highest fatality ... Also in April of 2011, there were 875 tornadoes reported in the United States of America, of which at least 677 were actually confirmed. Based on those totals, it set aanbsp;...

Title:DreamWeaver Storybook
Author:Carl L. Adams
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-08-31


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