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EVEN SMUGGLING HAS RULES. THE FIRST IS: DON'T GET CAUGHT. Meet Pik Lando, a con artist and a ladies man, a total professional who'll chase across the galaxies for his clients--and he'll usually find plenty of action and danger too. In DRIFTER, Lando is hired by a beautiful woman to a job on a world called Angel, and in the process she cannot resist his charms. That would be nice, except for the deadly group of revolutionaries hell-bent on war. Don't miss Lando's other adventures: DRIFTER'S WAR and DRIFTER'S RUNUnusual for The Tink that is, not for the companya#39;s supply shuttles, which landed on cargo carriers all the time. ... Landoa#39;s heart tried to beat its way out of his chest. ... Lando scanned the most commonly used radio frequencies, just to make sure. Nothing. ... But how would they get inside? Surely there was an access code or something. Lando pulled a keyboard out of a wall recess and tapped on the keys.

Author:William C. Dietz
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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