Drug Addiction I

Drug Addiction I

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This volume addresses the general problem of drug addiction from several points of view, which are in some ways quite unique and different from other areas of pharmacology. Drug addiction is closely associated with criminal behavior. One of the great and noble edifices of civilization is the philosophic and ethical view that man is perfectible, and some believe that this can be achieved by providing the appropriate circumstance or environment in which man can mature and be educated. Some have postulated that drug abuse is a consequence of an inadequate or pathologic set of socializing experiences or is a consequence of basic conflicts between the values and accepted patterns of behavior of a subculture and that of a larger culture. The degree to which man is malleable and perfectible by social forces is not known nor do we know the true desirability of socializing individuals to the extent that their behavior does not deviate from social norms. Some deviancy is essential for innovation and creativity, and at times there may be difficulties in determining whether an innovator or creator is exhibiting sociopathic behavior or not. This aspect of drug addiction is inherently a matter of social values and ethics.For example, validity pertains to answering such questions as: For how long after a 5 mg intravenous dose of heroin is a given method ... Knowledge of a methoda#39;s validity is most important to the clinician to aid in interpretation of the test results and to select a method for ... person who either did or did not take the drug (or one of the drugs) in question, there are four possible interpretations of the test result, anbsp;...

Title:Drug Addiction I
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-11-27


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