Drug Injury

Drug Injury

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If you have an involvement with the health care system, you know that drug-induced injury cases are as complex as they are common. While the injury to the patient might seem obvious, in reality that has very little effect on the course that the litigation will take. This makes it especially important to accurately evaluate the case. You'll want to be sure that the case you take on has merit and will prove economically sound for both you and your client. To successfully accomplish this, you need the knowledge of pharmacy and the drug manufacturing industry that the authors have carefully detailed in this book.Easy for the nonmedical professional to follow, the book is divided into three useful sections. The first section deals with the pharmaceutical process, covering the liability of pharmaceutical companies, warning labels and clinical trials. The second section examines high-risk drug therapies that result in pharmaceutical litigation. You'll read about important litigation regarding drugs like Prozac, Accutane and Rezulin, as well as anabolic steroids, insulin and oral diabetic drugs, and more. Whether or not your case involves the drug cited you'll find that the theories applicable to one pharmaceutical case are often applicable to another. The third section of the book looks at the professional pharmacist and malpractice claims. It also includes appendices of FDA regulations relating to drug product liability, guidance for industry, use of risk minimization plans, and FDA pregnancy classifications.You'll find this text indispensable because it provides comprehensive information for all those affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry.New chapters: The failed system of drug warnings in America Clinical research: Testing treatments in humans FDA regulation of clinical investigations Identification of regulated solid dosage forms Evaluation of Causation in drug injury cases The role of pharmacoepidemiology and expert testimony in drug injury E-ferol disaster Drugs for asthma, allerfies and anaphylaxis: Harm from use, misuse and non-use Nephrotoxic drugs Statins and Baycol-Questionable cholesterol The Rezulin litigation Drug-induced movement disorders Ephedra The emergency department pharmacist Drug testing in the workplaceHistorically, the custodians of medical research have failed, time and again, to uphold the ethical standards laid down by ... The Nuremberg Code outlines the ten directives for human experimentation, and is the foundation for all current ethicalanbsp;...

Title:Drug Injury
Author:James O'Donnell (Pharm. D.), Gopi Doctor Ahuja
Publisher:Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company - 2005


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