Drug Testing

Drug Testing

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Drug Testing focuses on the contributions of drug testing in the identification of the state of drug abuse and the implementation of policies and regulations making drug use unacceptable either socially or in the workplace. The book first gives an overview of drug-testing policy, facilitating drug testing and treatment, challenges to drug-testing programs, and state, local, and federal legislation on drug testing. The text then defines the problem of drug abuse, including dimensions of abuse, defining the problem and the needs of employers, employing a drug abuse survey, and treatment modalities. The manuscript ponders on the development of a drug-testing policy, education of employees, and training of supervisors. Discussions focus on the nature of learning, principles of supervision, training process, program implementation, basic assumptions, final policy content, and problematic issues. The implementation of a drug-testing program, collection of specimens for drug testing, and understanding the drug testing program are also underscored. The publication is a valuable reference for readers interested in drug testing policies, treatment, and effects of drug abuse in the workplace.A positive test result is not evidence of a crime. ... Treat drug test results as confidential information. ... Do not force employees to consent to a drug test, but do inform them that employees who refuse may be subject to ... Take safeguards in the collection of specimens to prevent contamination, switching, and mislabeling.

Title:Drug Testing
Author:John Fay
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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