Dungeons & Dayjobs

Dungeons & Dayjobs

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Have you ever delivered meals to shut-in trolls or warlocks? Ever solved a shaman's murder by details you noticed at the lizard orgy? Ever made one of those wagers with a deity where you just know a dozen mortals will end up insane or beheaded, daughters marrying fathers, cousins stabbing grandmothers, and almost always, somebody has to lose an eye? What if you could bend a paperclip into an intricate, spring-loaded pattern that would allow it to walk across your desk, write reports for you, brew coffee and do your entire job? Escape from your dayjob into this collection of 2d6 short stories, 5 recipes and a novella. Rated M for Mature. Some scenes may not be appropriate for associates under 17.]Every few months, he repainted the figurea#39;s deep red skin and black nails. Dean performed his Ritual ... Ita#39;s like playing Pinochle with PokAcmon cards.a€ Terry said, a€œThata#39;s been ... So which piece do I want representing me? What do I got to work anbsp;...

Title:Dungeons & Dayjobs
Author:Robert Northrup
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2005-12


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