Duplicate This!

Duplicate This!

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Before Jesus left his disciples he said to them, a€œgo and make disciples of all nations.a€ It wasna€™t just a command for those twelve disciplesa€”ita€™s for everyone who follows Jesus. But what does it mean? In Duplicate This youa€™ll learn the foundations of discipleship and what it means to make a disciple, and youa€™ll be equipped to walk with your friends as they learn what it looks like to follow Jesus. Youa€™ll find answers to the spiritual questions that your friends may be asking, like: a€c How can the Bible be accurate when ita€™s so old? a€c Is it true that Jesus was born of a virgin? a€c How can I avoid sin? a€c Why cana€™t I feel God all the time? In addition, youa€™ll get tips and other tools that will help you be an effective disciple to your friends and help you duplicate your faith in others.... the tribulation is a seven- year time period when the world is going to be filled with lawlessness and destruction. But remember, ita#39;s merely an educated inductive guess. Wea#39;re not totally sure how it will go down, but thata#39;s the current theory.

Title:Duplicate This!
Author:Andy Braner
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2009-05-26


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