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Most skeptics, rationalists, atheists and freethinkers do not believe because the various God-claims of the world, made by dusty books dragged out of the Middle East, because they have not met the burden of proof. But what if someone found a book that contained within true scientific foreknowledge? Something that was not just evolutionary with regard to our knowledge of history and archaeology, but revolutionary? Something that presented evidence -- hard evidence -- that someone, somewhere, knew how the future was going to happen before it happened? What if that book foretold the dusk of humanity, the end of our light? A 3, 000 word short story.a€œTherea#39;s no way you can believe this.a€ He spun ... a€œInstructions on how to build an atomic bomb. Instructions that would work.a€ a€œIn the ... a€œIf you think that is the most shocking thing you will be told today, I am afraid I have bad news for you.a€ a€œWhat do ... They wanted you to find this... thing, this Stone Age Wikipedia, remarkable.

Author:David Adams
Publisher:David Adams - 2014-05-30


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