Dying: Or Learning to Live?

Dying: Or Learning to Live?

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Can terminal illness ever be fun? At the peak of his career as an eco-architect, Christopher Day developed Motor Neurone (Lou Gehrig's) Disease. Initially, the future seemed bleak, but as the illness progressed, his attitude changed. The more things went wrong, the more hilarious life became. He began to appreciate the gifts illness has brought. (my) Dying is Fun is for anyone, or anyone who knows anyone, who might one day die. Especially, it's for anyone who needs to laugh. This book transforms disability and dying into a testament for life. qThis is a unique work. Although suffering from one of the most severe of degenerative diseases, the fire of his creative spirit is very inspiring. His writing, laced with side-splitting humour, is as vivid as ever. So witty, acute in observation, and wise, that I still chortle while remembering scenes read from the first draft three years ago. It is also deeply poignant. A valuable book to share with others - a masterpiece.q Sarida Brown, Cadeceus qWhen my father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, the devastating effects this terminal illness [has] arrived in our home. However, MND also seems to evoke the best in the human spirit in a positive way... This book is truly inspirational and fundamentally human in its words and spirit. As an observation on dying it is really a lesson in life and I can warmly recommend it.q Lembit opik, President, Motor Neurone Disease Association qChristopher Day is able to maintain his positive outlook and a sense of humour in the depth of adversity. [He] has transformed the curse of his terminal illness into a spiritual gift. This is truly an inspiring book.q Satish Kumar, Resurgence qEssential reading for all health and social care providers.q Dr. Susan Closs, Ty Olwen Hospice, Morriston Hospitalwas easy to walk into (unlike batha€”cuma€”showers which I probably cana#39;t get into , certainly cana#39;t get out of) and had a ... Five feet away was the door handle. ... Fortunately, there were, however, a toilet roll holder and two brass wall-hooks.

Title:Dying: Or Learning to Live?
Author:Christopher Day
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-06


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