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This best-selling book is unique in that it parallels the organization of an introductory marketing textbook, but it explores key marketing concepts in the context of today's digital/Internet environment. It fills the gap for those who have found Internet Marketing books suffer from too much a€œEa€ and not enough marketing or are too narrowly or technically focused on e-commerce. A five-part organization covers e-marketing in context, e-marketing environment, e-marketing strategy, e-marketing management, and a global perspective on e-marketing. Special topics include competitive strategies, e-marketing strategy development, marketing planning, and performance metrics; and coverage of cutting edge strategies beyond the Weba€”m-marketing (mobile), databases and analysis techniques, point of purchase scanning, and more. For an e-understanding of marketing and business.For example, visitors to Expedia are asked to register before using its services. ... product service records, specific problems or questions related to various products, and other data such as coupon and other promotional offer redemption. A complete customer record will include data from every customer touch point ( contact with the company), including Intemet orders and ... For example: Have you ever wondered why the local retailer asks for a zip code when you make a purchase?

Author:Judy Strauss, Adel I. Ansary, Raymond Frost
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2003


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