e-Write Your Way To An A-Star [Advanced]

e-Write Your Way To An A-Star [Advanced]

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The learning and teaching of composition at Primary Five and Primary Six is similar. How well a student writes a composition is dependent primarily on his or her exposure to the English Language. Language skills are not acquired overnight but can be gradually enhanced through intensive exposure, a voracious appetite for reading and constant practice. Many students who are able to breeze through Paper 2 of their English Language examination find it difficult to score well for Paper 1 a€“ Composition and Situation Writing. Given that Paper 1 takes about 30% of the entire PSLE English examination, it is essential for students to develop their writing skills to score in this area. Unfortunately, many students do not get sufficient opportunities to write compositions in school and have them graded by their teachers. Practice makes perfect. It is beneficial for students to get regular practice in writing their own compositions. This book has been specially designed to be a valuable educational aid for students of all ability levels. Whether your child is facing difficulties in writing compositions or is already a prolific young writer seeking to up his or her writing skills a notch, this book will provide the stimulus for your child to take his or her writing skills to new heights. The model compositions are of a high standard to serve as a reference for students and inspire them to further develop their writing skills. Ample guidance is provided for every composition exercise to help students to pen down terrific compositions they never thought they were capable of. By faithfully going through every composition and situational writing exercise, your child will be embarking on a fruitful journey towards becoming a more confident and creative writer.Jeremy caught his classmate as he was about to make a photocopy of the next daya#39;s examination paper which he had found ... He told them that security cameras had been newly installed in the staff room and their dishonest act the day beforeanbsp;...

Title:e-Write Your Way To An A-Star [Advanced]
Author:Angeline Tan
Publisher:Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd - 2013-05-29


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