Eaf! Dog Days of Summer

Eaf! Dog Days of Summer

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Eaf! Dog Days of Summer introduces the neighborhood adventures of Eaf, his sister Macie, his best friend Vangogh, and a very curly little problematic poodle. Join Eaf's world of carnivals, camp outs, scary chases through the graveyard, and other exciting events during the hot summer days.How is Eaf to contend with the appearance of a poodle in his life? Can a poodle protect Eaf and his friends from the bear in the backyard? What must Eaf and Vangogh do to understand the master minds of little sisters? And what about that mysterious new neighbor? Will Eaf's summer vacation end in catastrophe?It was nearing the end of summer and was hotter-than-hot outside right now. The a€œdog days of summer, a€ his mother had said. Dog days of summer, he thought, as he pictured hot little pink poodles laying about the streets with their tonguesanbsp;...

Title:Eaf! Dog Days of Summer
Author:D. J. Hoard
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-08-01


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