Earl Mindell's Peak Performance Bible

Earl Mindell's Peak Performance Bible

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You Can Be Stronger, Smarter, Sexier, and Healthier! ONE OF THE BESTSELLING NAMES IN VITAMINS, HERBS, AND SUPPLEMENTS, DR. EARL MINDELL TAKES ON THE HOTTEST CATEGORY IN NATURAL PRODUCTS: PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS THAT WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER, SMARTER, SEXIER, AND HEALTHIER. CONSUMERS ARE SPENDING MORE THAN 10 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY ON THESE PRODUCTS. BUT NOT ALL OF THEM WORK -- SOME ARE REALLY EFFECTIVE, SOME ARE DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS, AND SOME ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. Earl Mindell's Peak Performance Bible will take the mystery out of performance enhancers, which are crowding out an earlier generation of vitamins and herbs in health-food stores around the country. These hot products include: The new cancer-fighting supplement that helps build bigger muscles The Asian aphrodisiac that can help you in the gym and in the bedroom The supplement that can enhance sexual function, sharpen your thinking, and help prevent disease The tea that fights cancer, cleans out your arteries, and can make you thinner The amino acid that can stave off mental exhaustion -- it's so effective it has been studied by the U.S. military! INCLUDING HIS TRADEMARK HOT HUNDRED, DR. MINDELL INCLUDES SPECIFIC CHAPTERS ON PRODUCTS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU BULK UP, SLIM DOWN, GAIN ENDURANCE, IMPROVE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE, AND MAINTAIN THE COMPETITIVE EDGE AT WORK. HE EVEN INCLUDES INFO FOR TEENS ON SAFE BUT EFFECTIVE WAYS TO BUILD UP STRENGTH.How to Look Great, Feel Great, and Perform Better In the Gym, At Work, and In Bed Carol Colman, Earl Mindell. How to Use It Take 500 mg. daily, one hour before or one hour after eating. ... Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a supplement that can help protect against the negative side effects of exercise. MSM is a naturallyanbsp;...

Title:Earl Mindell's Peak Performance Bible
Author:Carol Colman, Earl Mindell
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2001-09-24


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