Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible

Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible

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Burn Fat! Think Better! Enhance Your Sex Life! Fat blockers, antioxidants, sport supplements, nutraceuticals, natural hormones, and natural antidepressants are just some of the cutting-edge products that have recently been brought to market. All can be purchased over the counter. But which ones are right for you? Bestselling author Earl Mindell will help you negotiate the bold new world of supplements with this unique and comprehensive guidebook. Trying to build muscle? Creatine monohydrate and HMB can help you get more out of your workout Feeling blue? 5-HTP and Saint-John's-wort can give you a lift Want to lose weight? Fight fat with chitosan Looking to enhance your sexual performance? Try tribulus and ashwagandah Not as sharp as you used to be? Phosphatidylserine can help you regain twelve years of brain power Searching for a natural alternative to estrogen? Soyconcentrate is a rich source of plant estrogens that can help prevent cancer. Don't miss out! Let Earl Mindell show you how to look better, feel younger, and stay healthier.MSM is critical for the production of amino acids, the building blocks that make protein. ... I recommend using MSM with another sulfur compound, glucosamine ( see page 63), which has recently been touted as the a€œarthritis curea€; the two a€œ sulfur sistersa€ work especially well together. ... People who take MSM also report that it can strengthen their hair and nails and is especially good for brittle, peeling nails.

Title:Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible
Author:Carol Colman, Earl Mindell
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-10-13


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