Earn $10 000 per month with Google Adsense and digital publishing

Earn $10 000 per month with Google Adsense and digital publishing

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Google Adsense is a multi-billion dollar concern that allows smaller players to enjoy a share of the action. A part of Googlea€™s success can be owed to their willingness to work with individuals and smaller entities just like you. This approach is a win-win which enabled Google to become dominant in the market and ordinary people to become very successful online publishers. Case studies of both highly successful individuals and corporations revealed occurrences where big names such as Collis Ta'eed, who is a founder of Envato but refers to himself humbly as a blogger. When reverse engineering the spectacular patented business model applied by About.com, it becomes apparent that academics such as Professor Dan Colman has been influential in helping this multi-million dollar Adsense related business reach its goals, yet someone with such a high profile shows that there is no reason to be shy of being a blogger, as he currently writes for his own website Openculture.com. People who earn six figure pay cheques from Google Adsense are actually very normal people just like you and me. You may call them editors, expert contributors, community managers, digital entrepreneurs or simply bloggers. One thing is certain: They are receiving their fair share of a major cross disciplinary industry and you may want to do the same. These people are influential because of what they do and they help thousands of people to access quality, reliable online information. During my research, I have encountered many successful business owners who started with no capital whatsoever. But there were also many more people who started and failed because their goals were not realistic or they did not leverage the scale of existing entities. Instead, many of them placed themselves on a little island. On the other hand, the more successful ones who were able to compete with the giant publishers, did this by leveraging the scale of existing web infrastructure in such a way that they profited hugely from this. This book has been written specifically to help people to start an online business with multiple revenue streams. It is not aimed at corporations who wish to earn millions, but aimed at people who would typically like to earn at least $10 000 per month from an online business which is home based. It is aimed at helping parents who want to spend time with their children at home to achieve that, and for those who love to travel and to enjoy freedom of location to realise their dream. It is aimed at helping you realize a shortcut to distinction, to avoid common pitfalls and most importantly, not to re-invent the wheel. Finally, with opportunity comes responsibility: For those who benefit massively from Globalization, let us not forget that our world leaders, particularly in the West, have a moral duty to procure, peacefully, the agreement of other nations to promote globalization in such a way that participant countries benefit equally. As global citizens there has never been a better moment to share in the possibilities that resulted due to technological enablement. The phenomenal growth of the internet in Asia and Africa in the next 5 years will propel digital publishing to become an even more popular industry. Finally, content marketing professionals may find this as an integral strategic pillar to fund the online marketing budget.As the editor of an online portal, you do not have to be concerned about the technical details of web design and web hosting. ... It is an easy to use content management system a€“ and I guarantee you that you should not have to pay a penny to learn how to use it. ... You can then paste the link of your article within the comment section below the Youtube Video, and tell viewers to follow the link and read theanbsp;...

Title:Earn $10 000 per month with Google Adsense and digital publishing
Author:Adriaan Brits
Publisher:Adriaan Brits - 2014-11-13


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