Earth : an Introduction to Physical Geology

Earth : an Introduction to Physical Geology

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To understand timely issues such as natural disasters and environmental challenges-and to evaluate solutions to related problems-the average citizen needs a basic awareness of the scientific principles that influence our planet. This trusted book makes an often-complex subject accessible to readers with a strong focus on readability and illustrations. Offers a meaningful, non-technical survey that is informative and up to date for learning basic principles and concepts. Includes a revised and expanded GEODe Earth CD-ROM. Updates and revises art and illustrations to include dozens of new high-quality, photographs carefully selected to aid understanding and add realism. Provides a wealth of new special-interest boxes, including qEarth as a System, q qPeople and the Environment, q and qUnderstanding Earth.q A useful reference for anyone interested in learning more about Earth's geology.Within this very weak zone the lithosphere is mechanically detached from the layer below. The result is that the ... You should not get the idea that the entire lithosphere behaves like a brittle solid similar to rocks found on the surface. Rather, the rocks of the ... Hot material found deep in the mantle moves slowly upward and serves as one part of our planeta#39;s internal convective system. Concurrently, cooleranbsp;...

Title:Earth : an Introduction to Physical Geology
Author:Lutgens, Frederick K, Tarbuck, Edward J, Tsujita, Cameron J. (Cameron James), Dennis Tasa
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2005


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