Earth History and Lost Civilizations

Earth History and Lost Civilizations

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Speaks of Many Truths and Zoosh, through Robert Shapiro, explain that Planet Earth, the only water planet in this solar system, is on loan from Sirius as a home and school for humanity, the Explorer Race. Earth's recorded history goes back only a few thousand years, its archaelogical history a few thousand more. Now this book opens up the past as ifa light was turned on in the darkness, and we see the incredible panorama of brave souls coming from other planets to settle on different parts of Earth. We watch the origins of tribal groups and the rise and fall of civilizations, and we can begin to understand the source of the wonderous diversity of plants, animals, and humans that we enjoy here on beautiful Mother Earth.But lamas have to do with Buddhism, see. So they never really ... Just notice what the plantsdoand what the natural animals do.I differentiate animals ... When they are young and vigorous, they grow quickly, by their mountain time. When theyanbsp;...

Title:Earth History and Lost Civilizations
Author:Robert Shapiro
Publisher:Light Technology Publishing - 2004-01-01


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