Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice

Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice

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During an Antarctic expedition, a geololigist by the name of Gary Krahmer falls into a fire cave and discovers that beneath miles of ice and snow, an entire civilization once lived and thrived upon the Antarctic continent. Even more remarkable is the fact that a remnant of this lost civilization called the Valrimir continue to live beneath the surface in caverns warmed by geothermal activity. In the course of living and working with the Valrimir, Gary discovers more than a lost civilizationAiAohe discovers his own destiny! An epic fantasy adventure, Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice is the first book of the Shalrodan Saga.The odd greenish glow was quite bright overhead, and I was able to gauge the immensity of the chamber by looking across and ... There was just barely light enough thanks to the strange natural luminance that I could make my way along without the use of my lantern. ... I stared at it for what seemed hours, in silent awe of ita€”watching the wispy dancing of the sparks in the dark I had spent my entire lifeanbsp;...

Title:Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice
Author:Robert Hotchkiss
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-11-30


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