Earth Pro

Earth Pro

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EARTH PRO is an epic adventure interweaving three finely crafted story lines into a far reaching novel that beckons to unravel the greatest mysteries of the Human Race. The first story line is a string of chapters that explores the lives of some of the great minds of humanity and their personal struggles with visions clearly beyond their time. The second sequence describes Atlantis Spaceport located on Zeus, a planet that once existed as the fifth planet of our solar system. The science team stationed at Atlantis creates Earth Program, but comes under attack and is destroyed. The third story line spins the tale of an attractive honor student and a troubled teen labeled a schizophrenic, struggling in school. Together the two set out on an adventure to prove that a great tragedy befell the solar system billions of years earlier. EARTH PRO delivers romance, courage, betrayal, heroism, determination, and undying friendship. The stories involve characters that give of themselves the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe despite seemingly insurmountable odds, while offering a story line that delivers a plausible explanation for the greatest of mysteries--the truth of who we are, why we are, and the horizon over which all our destinies lie.... the launch day ceremony, Captain Kursc and his squadron of StarCAT military vessels were deployed in an orbit around the Earth Pro projecta#39;s target planeta€” Mars. ... Showdown. with. the. Jar. Quat. -196-207-220 Showdown with the Jar Quat.

Title:Earth Pro
Author:Lane Scheiber
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12-14


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